Thursday, June 26, 2008

Picasa Slideshow Tutorial Video

Today is my day to post an article on the blog (every Thursday) and I've decided to make this one about putting slideshows into your blog - or any website actually. This post was created while I recorded the tutorial video to show how to do it. I will edit the post when the video is successfully uploaded so you can see it here too.

Sometimes there are just too many photos to post them all. Embedding a slideshow from your Picasa Web Album can be a very handy way to show a lot of pictures in a small amount of space.

Here's the tutorial video that will show you how I put in the slideshow above.p> >

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Urs said...

Yours at least I can pause. I hate it on other websites. They do not allow it to stop and and stay on one picture if I want to..

Chris Guld said...

Ursula - Good point! That's Picasa that handles the controls of the slideshow. The ability to pause, go forward and go back is built into the Picasa Web Album slideshow feature.