Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lost Valley Lake

Have I told you how much I like this place? Lost Valley Lake is a big place. We've gone for our 2 mile walk every morning except one when it was raining. A nice walk, with a couple of hills to challenge our muscles even! And a place where Odie can cool off about halfway.

After a particularly satisfying accomplishment in my programming work, I could give myself a treat by going to the Spa that is just down the hill from our site. The programming wasn't without its frustrations. But, I have a way of dealing with that too! Jim accomplished some long-neglected tasks too, like tuning up our bicycles. We didn't ride them around here - too hilly - but we usually make good use of them at the bigger rallies and we have 3 coming up. The best thing about this place is the peace and quiet and open space. Jim mentioned the lack of wind as another calming factor. And, the lack of cell phone signal may also be considered peaceful :-) Sorry, if anyone tried to call us these last two weeks - but anyone who really knows us would use email anyway. Jim also checked out the kayaks and we went for a little paddle in the lake yesterday. This is where sweet, mild-mannered Odie puts on his magic cape and becomes ... Kayodie! Here's a panorama that should give you the idea of the pastoral life we've been leading these last couple weeks. We'll be leaving on Sunday. We'll stop at Mark Twain Caves - a park we visited during our first year on the road. It's right across a street from the Mississippi river, but we've checked and they say they are not flooded. Last time we were there, we toured the caves, this time, we hope to take advantage of a Mark Twain stage show. Then, on Monday we are due to be in Amana Colonies, Iowa for the start of the Safari Rally.

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Greg said...

Ha! Dealing with programming. I'll drink to that, too! Surely you guys are the coolest geeks in the universe!