Saturday, June 14, 2008

Rally work and Rally fun

Whew! It's hard to get even a few minutes to post about all our activities. We did a couple of seminars, one here and one for another rally that happens to be in Branson and called us up at the last minute. Here's Jim talking to someone after our 'Internet on the Road' seminar and showing him the different types of antennas you can buy.

This is really a computer-centric group. Even the entertainment at night featured the 'chatters'. Here are the chat room rockettes! Performing on the big screen:

One afternoon was 'Open Houses.' I took advantage of having cleaned up our rig a little to take a photo of the inside. This is a panorama stitched from 5 pictures. If you click on it, you'll go to the Picasa Web album where you can enlarge it. Here's the hosts of this show, Howard and Linda Payne. Last night was karaoke. I decided to take advantage of the occasion to make an audition video. Maybe I can earn some more money if I found a singing job! OK, I know ... with this audition tape, any job description would need to be, 'Looking for out-of-control woman willing to make a complete fool of herself. No talent neessary!' If you ever see such job listing - you can refer them my way ok?

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Anonymous said...

Did you get to see any of the Branson shows while there?