Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Being a Tourist is hard work!

The Salem Trolley picked us up right at the campground.  Very nice.  And the tourguides are oh-so informative.



He said he was happy to pick us up at our ‘aahh V’ :-)


We passed pretty harbor views.



Then, our first stop was the Salem Witch museum.


Learned a lot.  Bought the hat.

Then we walked the streets of Salem. 








I love the ivy covered walls.




Must … have … sustenance. 

Ahhh!  Guinness.  At Tavern on the Green.




Visited the Pirate’s Museum.



Back home, we took Odie for a walk and let him cool off in  Salem harbor.



Today we’re going into Boston to visit the Kennedy Presidential library.


Thank goodness for comfortable shoes.


Rod and Loyce Ivers said...

You'll find the Kennedy Museum very interesting, it really takes you back to that time, especially at the end of the tour. You relive all the emotion from 47 years ago, atleast we did.
Rod & Loyce

Michael Lockridge said...

Looks like fun.

Your last line would make a great name for a blog.

"Thank Goodness for Comfortable Shoes."

Museums for witches AND pirates.



Anonymous said...

Pirates and Arrrr Vees. It's a natural.