Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pub Grub

I love our RV and I’m very comfortable with the little kitchen and eating at home, but sometimes I want to Go Out!


Today was a bit of a long day.  We’re at the rally, and we have a booth. We were scheduled for our seminar today … the one that was titled RVing and Computers that was supposed to be Picasa.  We did remedy it by putting a correction in the daily newsletter.  And, I also spent most all day yesterday putting together an overview video.  Trying to make everyone happy. 


It worked .. kind of … but I was not at all happy with the seminar overall.  We had 50-60 people there.  But I was too up-tight to enjoy the smaller audience.  And we spent every other hour today at our booth.  We made enough money to pay for a dinner out and that was really what I wanted to do! 


So we fired up Google Earth and asked it to show us all the restaurants in the area.  We found ‘Backstage Pub.’  That sounded really good!  And it was.  We sat at the bar and struck up a conversation with Amy who works in a local law office, and who spent a lot of time on Long Beach Island – Jim’s home town.


We had such fun chatting!  It reminded me of another pub in Celina, Ohio.  A good way to meet the locals!



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Nick Russell said...

I remember that little pub in Celina. We had a great time there, didn't we?