Thursday, August 20, 2009

Paddling Salem Harbor and Marblehead

I almost titled this, “A Three Hour Tour” (thnk theme song from Gilligan's Island) because that’s exactly what we did. We had to stop for a domestic day yesterday. When we run out of toilet paper, dog food, and clean underwear – we gotta do laundry and go to the grocery store. Add to that the normal 3-4 hours of answering emails, and the day is pretty shot.

So we decided to stay an extra day here in Salem because we really wanted to get the kayaks wet. We had to dump our holding tanks this morning … even at $37/night there’s no full hookups here. And, the nearest dump is at the power plant around the corner. So … we did our website/email thing, and went to the dump .. it was about 2:00 before we were ready to paddle. Luckily the weather cooperated. We paddled all around the Salem harbor, and out around Marblehead. We got back about 5. According to my measurements on Google Earth, we paddled about 6 miles (the white line):


Our first destination was this 3-masted ship we saw on display – the Peacemaker. I think the tourists on board were more impressed with the dog on the kayak going by! Cool view.

Then we paddled thru all the anchored boats in the harbor. We saw one seal poke his head up and take a look around.

Beautiful homes on Marblehead! Almost makes me think it would be worth winter.

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