Monday, August 17, 2009

Greetings from Massachusetts

The NEAR rally is over.  The last day was, indeed, our best.  We made enough sales to cover our fees anyway.  A big part of going to rallies is to promote our website ( and we did that. 


Then it’s back on the road.  Such a pretty drive through Vermont and New Hampshire.  You can’t help but wonder what this looks like in the fall.




Our destination for the next few days is Salem, Massachusetts.  We’re going to be tourists.  Oh Boy!  My Favorite.



Our site isn’t much to write home about – and we’re having some trouble with the electric.  It’s HOT and we need our A/C here.



Where we're parked, just north of Boston, in a Salem city park


But, it’s just a short walk, within the Winter Island City Park to:




A closer look at that pretty Schooner reveals a flag that reads, “FAME.”  So we looked it up on the Web and see that we could take a sunset cruise for $25 each.  hmmmm


Leno said...

Ah Massachusetts, my home state..
Be sure to have some yummy seafood while in Salem. A favorite place of ours up that way is in Essex called Woodmans!! Yummmmmm. Very casual but wonderful seafood...
You are right about that road in N.H. the foliage is awesome. The food and foliage are two of the things we miss most about New England.
Have fun..

Nick Russell said...

Be careful, Chris, I've heard they do really mean things to witches there! LOL

Anonymous said...

I'll second Woodman's in Essex. Good stuff there. Enjoy your time in MA. Where to next?