Sunday, August 02, 2009

Rock and Roll!

By Jim


The music genre has been around my whole life.  DJ Alan Freed coined the term way back in 1951.  It is the rallying cry for an entire generation.


Cleveland is the home to the Hall of Fame and Museum.

The architecture is by I.M. Pei.  It’s very reminiscent of the Louvre in Paris.



The place was pretty crowded with a line extending outside for tickets.



Bruce Springsteen was the featured rocker.  I met Bruce and the E Street band back in 1973.  They were playing in a small venue on Long Beach Island and staying in a motel across the street from our family deli-restaurant.  I cooked their breakfast and lunch while they were there.  I had a front row seat for one of their shows and was blown away by the performance.



The museum does great job of taking you through the history of Rock and Roll with videos, pictures and artifact exhibits.

You aren’t allowed to take your own pictures or video in the museum or we would have lots more here.

The museum store is huge and few visitors get out without buying a tee shirt or some music.



Here I am sporting my purchase at breakfast at Kenisee Lakes Thousand Trails where we’re staying for the next couple of days before moving on to Essex Junction for the FMCA Northeast Area Rally.


Chris got a Janis Joplin video and was up late singing along.  Give her enough whiskey and she will do her Janis for you sometime, if you’re lucky.  I have blackmail tape to prove it.


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Marty said...

I have no doubt Chris could do a knock out job doing Janis Joplin...I saw her performance at the Rally in Branson last year and can still feel the pain in my side from the laughter and tears in my eyes...she was amazing....I would gladly provide whatever amount of whiskey it would take to hear her do her Janis...You guys are great....Marty