Saturday, August 08, 2009

Kayaks get Wet!

And so do we.  And so does Odie!


We traveled into upstate New York .. started seeing hills!


We had reservations at Schroon River park.  It’s a good thing.  This place is full.  It’s crowded, but it’s pretty with lots of trees.  Here’s our site:



We woke up to a gorgeous day today .. so we asked about arrangements for paddling on the river.  What service!  Someone in the park drove us in our car to the put-in spot, then drove our car back to the campground.  So we got to float/paddle for about 3 hours and end up back home with our car waiting for us.



Lots of water in this river.  And, there was even some whitewater.  Odie had a few adventures…



But we always got him back!  That yellow life vest has a handy handle on the back.


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Ron and Thelma said...

odie is such a cutie. We have a black poodle that weighs 6 lbs. Just a little boy. Is he spoiled ?