Thursday, August 06, 2009

Travel Mode

How about that?!  Two posts from Jim!  You know why?  Because I showed him how to use Live Writer.  It makes blogging that much easier.  I’m putting LiveWriter on my list of video tutorials to make – anyone who blogs will love it.


Have I told you lately how much I love this lifestyle?  Travel, Work, Play.  Our whole summer is planned around RV rallies.  First it was FMCA Int’l Convention in Perry, GA – then it was on to The Rally in Albuquerque, NM – Escapades in Missouri ….


July was a big one – another FMCA Int’l Convention in Bowling Green, Ohio.  That one finished on July 24 and next comes the FMCA NE Area rally in Essex Junction, VT.  But not till August 12.  That’s 2 1/2 weeks to go 600 miles.

Map picture

Perfect! And, there’s even some membership parks on the way.  That means free sites … well, not exactly free – just prepaid.  We pay $140/year for Resorts of Distinction (ROD) and $500/year for Thousand Trails (TT)  But, it’s just SO nice to pull into a park and know that you don’t have to get out any money to stay there.


Thousand Trails Preserves always feel like Home.

Here’s Kenisee Lakes just east of Cleveland:



Always lots of open space for walking.  Trees, Lakes and nice views.



And Pickleball!  Such great exercise.


The next membership park we found on our route is Shroon River (ROD) right in the middle of the Adirondacks.  But, that’s over 400 miles from Kenisee Lakes … at least 2 driving days for us!  I also don’t like to drive more than 2 days in a row - actually I don’t care to drive at all … Jim does that.   We stayed one night at a Passport America park – that’s a 1/2 price deal.  $15 for an overnight. 


Now, we’re splurging on a really nice park for two nights - $40/night.  It better be nice!  It’s connected to a casino, which usually means inexpensive?!  ooohhhh – it is nice though.  Really good Wi-Fi at our site.  So we’re doing all those downloads that have been waiting for better connections.  Pretty too.  And a hot tub!





So here’s the travel itinerary between rallies:

*one rally over

1 hour drive then:

1 week at ROD park, work, relax, tour Erie Islands

4 hours of driving

   visit Rock n Roll Hall of Fame en route

3 nights at Thousand Trails *home* – work, relax, pickleball

3 1/2 hours driving

1 night at a Passport park

3 1/2 hours driving

2 nights at fancy park!

3 hours driving (estimate)

3 nights at ROD park in Adirondacks – beautiful country

couple hours drive

*next rally begins


Don’t pinch me OK?  I don’t want to wake up.  This is such a beautiful dream. 


While Jim’s driving, I’m enjoying the scenery and letting my mind wander and conjure and plan.  For a couple of hours I read out loud from the book I’m reading on my Kindle now … ‘Free’ by Chris Anderson (I paid $9.95 for it :-)  We also listen to music or NPR with our Sirius satellite radio, and sometimes I use quiz cards to read questions and see if Jim or I can answer.  The last bunch came from the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame … “What crime did Jim Morrison commit in Miami in 1969?”  Both Jim and I knew that one!  And, it made us reminisce about when we visited Morrison’s grave in Paris – 2001.


When we pull in to a park, we get settled in – then we take Odie for a walk and take a look around.  Then we check email, do some work etc.  IF there’s something special like a hot tub or a pickleball court, we’ll take advantage of that.  Then we do more computer work, have some dinner, take Odie for another walk.  Sometimes we watch TV or a video .. sometimes we just stick with our computers all night till time to go to bed – and that varies anytime from 9pm to 1am!  Probably depending on if we had any wine and how much!


So, right now its 9am.  I’ve been up since about 6:30 – sitting at the computer.  Jim’s at his computer too.  It’s time to take Odie for a walk.  Then, we’ll probably take the shuttle over to the Casino and have breakfast.  The rest of the day will be working … I’m putting together a small book of all our Picasa tips – we want to have a printed version to sell at the next rally.


Ok, I’ll stop rambling now. 

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