Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hyde Park to LBI

By Jim


Chris and I both enjoy dabbling in American History.  Visiting presidential libraries and museums is a wonderful way to learn more about a particular time slice of this wonderful country.

Franklin Roosevelt was president during two major world crises.  He came into office at the beginning of the Great Depression.  Europe and Asia were on the brink of World War II.  Presidential powers were used to great effect throughout his time in office.  Roosevelt was elected four times.  He was confined to a wheel chair, a victim of Polio.  Franklin died before the war ended.

He was born into affluence, but became a champion of the common population.  His wife, Eleanor, was a prolific writer and proponent of feminist causes.  Lots of interesting stories.

There is much more to see in Hyde Park.  We just got a taste – and a reason to return.


Long Beach Island New Jersey

When people ask me where I grew up, I usually tell them I never did!

LBI is where I spent all of my high school years.  It is truly a special place.  Many of my friends and family are still in the area.

Hurricane Bill was stirring up the surf.  The waves were coming up to the dune line and the lifeguards had to move their chairs to higher ground.  Here they are bringing the chair back down to the beach.

We went out for a paddle on the bay.  And then a short swim.  Odie was the first to get wet.  Refreshing!


Sunsets are often spectacular over the bay.

Thanks to my long time friend and dive buddy, Jimmy L. for allowing us to stay with him on LBI.  And Happy Birthday!


Jerry and Suzy said...

Chris and Jim -
It's good to finally find your blog. We have you in our "following" list, but Blogger doesn't bring you into the reading list, ever. Guess we have a glitch there somewhere. Thanks for sharing the Roosevelt Library visit with us.

Bob said...

Glad to see you enjoyed Salem and Boston during your visit.
It is nice to see Winter Island Park treated you well.


long Beach Island said...

Great picture of the Sunset. I never seem to have the camera around at the right time.