Saturday, August 15, 2009

More Rally


We spent all day yesterday at our booth.  There was pretty good traffic until late in the day.  It was fun meeting and talking to people.  Like the couple from Care-a-Vanners.

What a cool way to travel!  They pick out several Habitat for Humanity projects around the country and schedule their travels accordingly.  They get to travel where they want to, but they have a purpose.  A typical ‘build’ lasts two weeks where they accomplish something valuable – get lots of exercise – and get to know other great people.  If we didn’t have to work to make our living, I’d love to do that.


Standing at a booth may be physically exhausting – boy do my feet hurt – but it’s definitely not something that keeps you physically fit!  Especially when the booth next to us is giving away pancakes!  Thanks to Roxie and Charles Marston, we at least got our on our bikes for a little ride in the evening!  We rode up a hill to get some pictures.  Here is just a small portion of the 550 rigs at the rally.



Here’s Charles (he’s sitting) doing his Frustrated Maestros thing.  That’s another cool part of FMCA – Frustrated Maestros are people who play instruments or sing and they’re a strong organization within the FMCA family.  Looks like fun!



We’re off to teach our Google Earth class today – hopefully some people have gotten the word.  Have you ever known a venue that scheduled seminars back to back???  I mean – we’re scheduled from 9-10, and the next seminar (Mac’s Fire Safety) is scheduled from 10 – 11.  When are we supposed to tear down our audio-visual equipment and let him set up his???  And, how are the people supposed to get to their next seminar?


Then, the rest of the day we’re back at the booth.  I’m hoping for good sales on this last day.  Otherwise we would have been better off on a Habitat build!  I really don’t understand why sometimes we have people lined up to buy our videos and other times nobody cares.  We have a lot to learn about sales. 

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Anonymous said...

In my past life as a 6 Sigma Black Belt, we would have formed a knowledgeable team to look at your question : "don’t understand why sometimes we have people lined up to buy our videos and other times nobody cares." To give you the simple version, the team would brainstorm ideas about why it happens, e.g., weather conditions, clothing you guys are wearing, type of booths next to yours, etc. Then, you look at any data you have or start to collect data and look for statistical correlations. The next step would be to formulation solutions from the problems identified by the data. You may want to pilot the solutions so you don't adopt something that has no impact or even negative, like Jim wear a tie :) The final step would be to control the process so it does not go back to the old way. I believe your blog readers could help brain storm reasons for the problem, you could collect the data, and they could probably help with solutions. For example, it would seem that someone handing out free food around you would have a negative impact for a number of reasons.

However, this maybe more work than you want to do ... and is what you wanted to escape :)

Illinois Snowbird