Sunday, June 13, 2004

Greetings from Ohio We made it to Dillon State Park just outside of Zanesville, Ohio. Very pretty - and clear enough to get Internet! If you ever want to see a map of where we are, just click on the link at the left - that takes you to a map of the country and a number that represents evey Datastorm satellite dish - we are number 787. Here's a picture shot while driving on the bridge over the Ohio River It really is muggy this evening, we're so lucky to have a nice air conditioned home and kitchen to cook in: Then we're comfortable enough to go for a walk in the woods after dinner. It's pretty quiet here, but I meant to mention that, at our last campsite, the Cicadas were in full force. There were times, driving down the road that they were even louder than the noise of the truck engine. g'night

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Anonymous said...

Hello Travelers ... I have to post anonymously because I don't understand why one would have to use a password to post. Evidently I don't have a password. I could not get through. You have a serious driving schedule for this week. And about that no internet because you are in a campground .... insist on the right spot and you will get it. I tell the person checking me in if the spot is not right I will drive around, find the right one, and phone in where I am. It has worked every time. Driving alone prevents taking those wonderful shots while moving. If I pull off the road, by the time I find the right place to park the view I wanted is gone, sigh. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful trip. I'm home now.

Love 'n hugz .... Joline