Friday, June 25, 2004

Last Day of Rally Yesterday was the last day of the rally. Jim and I stayed away from the main fairgrounds and just did our WiFi support in the tent by our Motorhome. Thought you might like to see a photo of the 'gang'. Jim also spent some time installing the new 'Braking System' we bought for the Honda. It's a big expense, (almost $1,000) but we do feel better with it in place. What it does is to press down on the brakes in the Honda when it's being towed. Whenever the brakes are pressed in the motorhome, the Honda brakes as well. Some states required it by law. Florida is not one of them, and we know plenty of people who tow without it, but since we are headed toward the mountains now. It feels good to have it. And ... we got a 'show special' from Blue Ox who is the manufacturer. For the last night of the rally, they had their headline act of Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers. They put on a great show. The last time I saw them was almost 25 years ago! It was when I lived in Tahoe and they played one of the casinos in Reno. Remember that Melinda!?!? Then, the grand finale was some spectacular fireworks: We have to leave the rally site today, but we're not going to go far. We need to find a park with full hookups, water, electric and sewer, so we can clean up. Today will be our 7th day without water or sewer hookup - and we made it! We've really learned how to conserve. We've taken a couple showers, but they've been real quick 'navy' type showers (y'know: get wet, turn water off and soap up, rinse off, done). We only wash dishes once a day and we do that kinda like a navy shower too. Get the dishes all wet, then wash them with the water off. Use a plastic wash basin while you rinse, so the ones on the bottom don't need much water by the time you get to them. Then we take the rinse water from the basin and toss it outside to avoid filling up the holding tank. And, lastly, we use the porta potties whenever practical. The coach and the car are really dirty though, and I'd love to luxuriate in a hot shower while I wash my hair. Then, we have to get out the maps and see 'where do we want to go from here??'. Later

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