Thursday, June 17, 2004

Greetings from .. umm .. er where are we? and what day is it anyway? Whew! This moving our home 200 miles a day is starting to take a toll on us. We pulled into the campground at 5pm yesterday and I was exhausted. It was all we could do to get hooked up, eat some leftovers for dinner, watch a movie for a little while and go to bed. I didn't even do any of the driving. Anyway, that's why I didn't post to the blog last night. I think the sightseeing these last couple days made a difference too. But, the sightseeing was so great. Let me tell you about yesterday. We stayed in Mark Twain Caves campground in Hannibal, Missouri. Mark Twain is a hero of Jim's. He had a complete set of all his books at the house. (we gave them away when we sold the house) So, this was just too cool to know that we were walking where Mark Twain had once walked. Especially in the cave. Yes, the cave where Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher had their many adventures. It's quite a cave. Not the stalactite and stalagmite type (not much anyway) because it was formed while completely underwater. It's huge. It goes on for miles, with lots of side tunnels. A real maze. After touring the caves, we went for a little drive to explore the area around Hannibal. It is on the bank of the Mississippi river of course, and I was fascinated by the size of this river. It is truly awesome. Oh, by the way - I think we're in Kansas. Where else would you see this mural by the campground office? I missed taking a picture of the 'Welcome to Kansas' sign yesterday. But Jim says that's all right. The picture he wants is of the sign when we leave. He expects it to say, "You're not in Kansas anymore!"

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