Friday, April 03, 2020

Day 15 #StayHome

We look forward to Friday mornings. For about 6 years now, we've been meeting online with a small group of people to share information and opinions about technology. We've gotten to know them quite well, even though we may have never met in person. Today was Friday, and Jim and I were sitting at his computer, logged in to Zoom, ready to go at 8:30.

We always chat about a variety of things, but today we focused on the Zoom technology. This is the group we can practice with because everyone wants to learn. Today we practiced with breakout rooms. How cool. When you teach a group, and you want to break them up into smaller groups and give them an assignment to bring back to the whole meeting - Zoom gives us Breakout rooms. It's really cool.

After the meeting, we had our breakfast apple, then retired to our respective computers. I finally got my show notes emailed out to our 8,000+ mailing list - Weekly Tech Tip: how to get your slides into Google Photos. Then I got to work on an article for our newsletter that needs to get out: Practical tips for running a Zoom meeting.

At 4pm I had a zoom webinar  on my calendar from Elliott Masie. I always love Elliott's big picture perspective, and this meeting was no different. He discussed the importance of empathy in dangerous times like these. He has produced several Broadway plays, and he had actors and singers on the webinar who performed and brought tears to my eyes.  

So, we never left the house at all today. It was another gorgeous day. We did take a break for a little hot tub soak.
Oh - Jim just said, "Let's take a walk" 
OK, it's 6:15 pm. and it is really beautiful out there. Gotta go

Bad news:
Total US CoronaVirus cases: 274,987
Total US CoronaVirus deaths: 7,065

Good News:
Italy's lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic is not only keeping people safe, but it's giving the outdoors — which is typically flooded with tourists — a chance to recharge. This from a March 20 article from Travel and Leisure

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