Monday, April 06, 2020

Day 18, #StayHome

A normal morning - I got up first, made coffee, emptied the dishwasher. We were guest presenters at a Zoom meeting at 11, so we spent a little time preparing. The meeting went until about 1pm, then I did a little email, web browsing. I didn't do my 7 minute exercise today. Why not? It's easy, it's quick. I'm just too lazy.

We learned from my friend Chris, on Facebook, that an old time favorite steak-house restaurant (Tropical Acres Steakhouse) was promoting its butcher shop and selling meat via phone that you could then pick up. Jim called, placed an order, took a drive and picked it up. He paid over the phone with credit card, and just picked up the bag when he got there - contactless. He was home within the hour with 2 week's worth of steak, hamburger, salmon, and crab cakes. ... and one whole cheese cake!
We're almost out of wine, so I'm working on an order from Publix that should be delivered tomorrow.

I'm 5 days behind now on getting our GeeksOnTour newsletter out. hmmmm If I have so much more time on my hands, why can't I get anything done? All I want to do is go watch some more Homeland.

Dinner was awesome. I cut up a butternut squash, tossed it with some herbs, oil, and a small drizzle of honey then cooked it in the air fryer. Jim cooked one of the steaks. First he cooked it in the sous vide to the perfect temperature, then he finished it on the grill.

After dinner we walked around the neighborhood, soaked in the hot tub and I watched more Homeland. No, I'm not going to show the cheesecake.

Bad News

US Coronavirus Cases: 364,059 US Coronavirus deaths: 10,792

Good News

Timing is everything. If our Maldives trip had been scheduled just one week earlier than it was, we may have gone. I'm quite sure we would have gone if it had been 2 weeks. Then, we would have been stuck there because we learned that they closed the airport. Here's a story of a couple who were honeymooning in the Maldives and could not return home to South Africa. They were the only guests at their resort.

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