Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Day 19 #StayHome

I've been fascinated with Estonia ever since I watched this Ted talk:What a digital government looks like. Every citizen is required to have a digital ID. Every piece of information stored under that ID belongs to the citizen. Once a piece of data is stored in your digital ID, you never have to provide that data again. Any entity that legitimately needs access to the data must be authorized to get it from your digital ID. Data is only entered once. Whenever that data is accessed, it is recorded and the citizen is informed. Blockchain keeps the integrity of the data. In the late 90s my specialty was Microsoft Access, a relational database. I understand the concept of Enter Data Once - and only once! I love the concept of the Estonian system. So, when I saw that there was a webinar on how to become an e-resident of Estonia I signed up for 2pm today - oops, that's 2pm Estonia time or 7am here. I wasn't completely awake, but I did listen. 

This was a back-to-school day today. In addition to that one hour webinar, I watched another one on Zoom, and yet a third webinar on a new feature called Landing Pages on AWeber - the service we use for email marketing. Altogether I spent 3 1/2 hours watching webinars today. They were all great. I could hear that Jim was doing pretty much the same thing downstairs in his office, just on different topics. He keeps learning more and more about live video streaming production quality. Right now he's learning about a software-based sound mixer called Voicemeeter. And, also Zoom. Absolutely everybody is now using zoom for meetings since they can't get together in person, and a lot of people look to us to teach them how. We've been using Zoom for years and we love it so ..OK.

If you're passionate about learning new things, like we are, life just couldn't be better for staying home and learning with the computer. The flip side is my passion for teaching. I'm a little over halfway thru building a new online course on Zoom. I'd already made several videos and written a few articles. We've done 2 of our YouTube shows on Zoom, so I figured that putting together a cohesive course for getting started with Zoom would be a good thing.

I didn't even step outside once today. Yes, I did watch another 2 episodes of Homeland. Is that binge-watching? or do you have to watch it all day long to be considered binge-watching? 

The bad news

US Covid-19 confirmed cases: 400,412, Deaths: 12,854
as of 11pm per Worldometers.info

The good news

Peter Diamandis is my goto guy for good news. I'm reading his book called The Future is Faster than you Think. Just one example - he writes about how 3D printers can now build entire houses over a weekend for $5,000. Wow. When we come out of this Pandemic, we may just have a whole new world waiting for us. Peter Diamandis also writes a blog. I'm linking his latest article below. His first point is that this Pandemic is the first time the whole world has faced such a singular enemy, and medical professionals and researchers are working and sharing like never before. 


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