Thursday, April 09, 2020

Day 21 #StayHome - newsletter is done

Today is Thursday, that means a 7am toastmasters meeting, and I'm toastmaster today. I'm at my standing computer desk upstairs, Jim is in his studio downstairs. Another Zoom meeting. There are a few difficulties but overall it's so wonderful to be able to get together while we're all sequestered at home.

Ok, I've got to get the newsletter done today. With all the zoom meetings we've been having and teaching I decided to dedicate this issue to Zoom, which means that I am determined to finish my Zoom course on Thinkific so that I can announce it in the newsletter. I'll tell ya, my boss is such a slave driver!

Why do I have to do this? I mean nobody would notice if I send a newsletter or not, but I've created a newsletter every month since February 2004, I haven't missed a month. I'm driven, I can't help it. Anyway, I got it done. Apr 2020 News: Zoom online meetings issue

Jim has made every meal we've eaten during this #StayHome time. He's driven too! So when he suggested that we take advantage of Flanigan's ribs to go, I said that sounded like a great idea. He ordered online and drove to pick up the order. He said that once he pulled into the parking lot, he didn't even have to get out of the car. Someone greeted him asked for his name and order number, took his credit card and came back with the ribs. I made a salad and we had another delicious dinner.

Then we went for a walk. Gotta stop and smell the roses!
I know .. not a rose. I don't know what it is, but I just tapped the Google Lens button from within Google Photos and it reported that this is a Starburst bush.

Bad News

US Corona virus cases: 467,887 Deaths:16,642

Good News

There's some great humor coming out of the obsession with Zoom meetings.


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