Sunday, April 05, 2020

Day 17 #StayHome

I got up first this morning! Before you pat me on the back, you should know it was almost 9am. That means I ground the beans and made the coffee. I also cleaned the kitchen. The time it takes for coffee to brew seems to be just the right amount of time to clean the kitchen 😀. When it needs it that is. Jim usually leaves the kitchen clean before he goes to bed at night. Yes ladies, you heard me right, my husband not only does all the cooking but most of the cleaning as well. The kitchen is his domain. I'm a lucky girl!

Yesterday was my most slothful day so far in this isolation time, and it worries me. Doing nothing, drinking, napping, watching Netflix is ok periodically, but I worry about my lazy tendencies. A while back I discovered a YouTube exercise video for 7 minute workouts and I thought I'd be doing that every day now. I haven't done it once. Today I did 👍. Ok, you can pat me on the back now.
Multi tasking: listening to a webinar while exercising to the video

I know the routine so I didn't need the sound, just the video that demonstrates the exercise to do. I put on the video with no sounds, then also played another video about something I wanted to learn. The learning video had the volume up high so I could do the exercises and still learn! Brilliant, exercising and learning. Multitasking.
At 2pm we had a zoom meeting scheduled with our GeeksOnTour members. Wow. 65 people showed up and stayed for 1.5 hours. Each one had the opportunity to practice with zoom and say hello, then we were able to answer a few questions about zoom.
What it looks like to have 65 people over to your house during quarantine.

After our meeting we relaxed in the hot tub. The reason for a photo of an empty hot tub should be self explanatory :-)

My writing medium of choice is this blog. Jim gravitates more toward Facebook. I just read what he wrote and saw the picture - guess what! It was exactly what I was going to post here - so I'll be lazy and just copy his Facebook post.

If you don't know about the musical duo Victor and Penny, here's their live Facebook concert - they are unique and wonderful. We didn't go for a walk today because it was raining after dinner. Maybe tomorrow.

Bad News

USA Coronavirus cases: 330,605  USA Coronavirus Deaths 9,445
5:30 pm from Worldometer

Good News

When we were meeting with our members, it was so surprising, and heartwarming to hear how many of them are now using Zoom meetings to get together with family - virtual happy hours. One participant said when their family got together this week on Zoom they were all able to meet the new baby that just came into the family. We are just gobsmacked at how good Zoom is. (isn't that a great word? gobsmacked? - I think we picked that up in New Zealand) Even though they've gone from 10 million daily users to 200 million daily users, and they are under attack by spammers, they still are providing us all with high quality, easy, online meetings. Thank you Zoom! I think this is a trend will continue after the pandemic is over. Now that people have been introduced to it and see just how good and easy it is, why stop? Check out this YouTube video by Martin Brossman where we joined him to discuss the possible silver linings in this pandemic.

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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Glad you are slowly getting into an exercise routine. Getting started is always the hardest but once you do you'll be hooked.
Also nice to have so many visitors while maintaining Social Distancing. It might become the way of visiting in the future.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.