Wednesday, December 08, 2004

6 New Tires

We did it. We bit the bullet and bought 6 brand new Toyo tires, even though 3 of the 'old' tires were just purchased a few months ago. If you've been reading this blog a while you know that, when Jim took the tires class at Life on Wheels this summer, we learned that 'load Range E' was the proper type of tire for our motorhome and what we had were 'load Range D'. The letters stand for ply, 2 ply for each letter. So, E's are 10 ply and D's are 8 ply. Toyo is also a very respected name amongst RVers. I thought they were going to cost more than they did. They were $112 per tire with mounting and balancing included. So, $733 for all 6. I wish we had done this long ago! We live and learn ... and learn ... and learn ... and learn ... and learn ... Here's our pile-o-tires: And, here's exactly what they are: We felt so good to be back on the road ... and with good tires .. that we racked up record mileage. We left Mission and drove northwest 316 miles to Del Rio, Texas. Very uneventful, lots of sagebrush and cactus. The only thing interesting was that we knew that we were looking at Mexico out our left windows. But, I can't say that it looked any different. We stopped at a campground, but when Jim tested the electricity with his handy-dandy circuit tester, it indicated that the outlet was not right. It showed 'reverse polarity'. This was one of the lessons we learned early on ... the hard way of course ... never plug into a bad outlet - you can fry all sorts of stuff. So, we decided this was the night to try Walmart. It was after dark alread and we really didn't care where we slept. Besides, our generator needs some exercise. We had a great night. Of course, we spent more money at Walmart than we would have at the campground! They're no dummies, encouraging RVs to overnight in their parking lots!

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