Monday, December 06, 2004

Life in the Valley

It was a quiet weekend here in the Rio Grande Valley. For me anyway. I luxuriated in having time to just sit at my computer. I worked on some website projects, cleaned up some of my inbox (it's under 100 messages now!) and did some laundry and some grocery shopping in preparation for hitting the road again. Jim handled Wi-Fi support calls. I checked our cell phone minutes this morning and saw that he logged over 500 minutes this weekend alone! That's great to handle the bulk of calls on the weekend when we have free minutes. Saturday morning we went to the Pancake Breakfast here in Eldorado Acres. What a trip! They've been doing this for quite some time so people come from all over, not just the residents of this park. They charge you per item, 25¢ per egg and 50¢ per pancake with coffee and orange juice included. It's a great breakfast and a time for all the residents to socialize. But the most interesting part is that only men are allowed in the kitchen. Don't ya think that should be a rule in all kitchens?

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