Sunday, December 19, 2004

A Day in the Desert

The rest of the troops arrived yesterday. Here's the 2 other RVs and Frankie, Jim and Lynne. We spent some time washing rigs. Boy did we have a lot of bugs on the cabover windows! Then we took their 'quads' and did a little 4-wheelin' in the desert. After you get a ways into the desert, you gotta stop the machines and enjoy the quiet. Y'know why it's called Quartzsite? Cuz there's a lot of quartz around here. John showed us a beautiful clear crystal he found in the desert here once and said we would do some crystal hunting this afternoon. Jim decided to spoof him and grabbed my special crystal off the shelf before we left - then he pretended to find it in the desert. Had 'em goin' for a minute! Last night we had movie night. We all gathered around the fire in the middle of the front yard. Jim set up the computer and projector and he used the new porch screen wall that Lynne made us as a screen - using rear projection. It worked great. First he showed a couple of our slide shows from the computer, then he put in the DVD for Shrek II. You probably have to take my word for it, cuz it's hard to see in this picture.

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