Monday, December 27, 2004

Christmas Road Trip

So, what do people who live on the road do on a special day like Christmas? We go for a 'road trip'! About an hour up highway 95, then 7 miles on a dirt road in the desert, there's a place called 'Bar in the Desert'. And, it's every bit as intriguing as it sounds.

No electricity - just solar power, water from what must be a very deep well, and recycling for everything. That's how you run a bar in the desert. And, you're only open during daylight hours on weekends. That included Christmas day. If you look closely at the roof on the left of the photo you'll see it is covered with solar panels.

Seating was all outside so the dogs could even join us. The weather was exquisite. We had a delightful afternoon. We even had live entertainment. There's also a cute little chapel on the property. No doors, no glass in the windows. I guess if it never rains you don't need it. Apparently, lots of people get married here. On the way back we stopped on the banks of the Colorado River. That looks like a pretty cool RV park. Did you notice the full moon on Christmas night? Only to be surpassed by sunrise the morning after.

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