Thursday, December 16, 2004

Saguaro National Park

We're back in Arizona. This is where we plan to spend most of the winter. We stayed at a campground near Tucson and noticed "Saguaro National Park" on the map. hmmmm, never heard of Saguaro National Park, but I sure think Saguaro cactus are cool, so let's go take a look. From our little tour at the visitors center, we learned that it takes about 100 years for the Saguaro to grow this tall: Now we are in Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort. This is a Coach Connect park with thousands of sites. We plan to spend all of January here, and maybe more. It happened to be right on our way to Quartzsite, where we plan to spend Christmas. So we figured we'd stop and introduce ourselves and try to put together a schedule of our seminars for January. If you'd like to winter in Southern Arizona and you like golf - this is definitely your place! I don't know much about golf courses - but this one sure is pretty.

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