Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Home keeps getting homier

We've done more remodeling in our 30 foot motorhome than we ever did in our house. You've seen the pictures of my 'office'. The motorhome came with a couch on the port side of the coach. We took that out to make way for my computer station and filing drawers. All the while, Jim has been using the dinette for his computer. He's complained at how uncomfortable the dinette bench is for sitting and his laptop sits on top of the table, making it way too high for typing. So, while we've been here in Quartzsite with friends who have also done a lot of remodeling to their rigs ... He tore out the dinette bench so he could buy a regular office chair to sit in. Then he put the dinette table on a track like a drawer slide, so it could be pushed forward. Last, he installed a keyboard drawer big enough to put the laptop on. So, now he's happy because he has a real 'office' and I'm happy because we can still slide the dinette table back to it's original position for dinner. Our bedroom is getting decorated thanx to our watercolor artist friend Emily ... and some old tShirts. Emily has been watching our weblog regularly and really liked the photos from the Oregon coast - so she created her own version. I feel like we've been immortalized. Each morning I wake up and get reminded about our wonderful lifestyle and all the beautiful places we get to visit. And, that other people are sharing it with us by visiting our weblog. Cool! THANX Emily. As for the tShirts ... here's that story: When we sold our house and had to get rid of everything we owned, we were surprised to discover just how many tShirts we had. We threw them out, we took them to goodwill, we sold them at garage sales for 25 cents each and we STILL had lots of tShirts. So many of them had memories attached and, even tho we knew we'd never wear them again, it was just too dificult to toss 'em. I remembered the quilting lady who said she often made old tShirts into quilts. Brilliant! A memory quilt. I told her there was no hurry when I left her the pile of tShirts last April before we hit the road. Well, the quilt arrived just in time for Christmas. I love it. What do you think? Lynne and John left yesterday - headed to Florida where a job awaits them in Sanford (so, they're in our home and we're in theirs :-). We're staying here for a couple more days before going back to Palm Creek RV Park for the month of January. It's windy, rainy, and just downright stormy here in Quartzsite. It was a long night listening to the wind rock the coach and whip at the little awnings that we didn't bother to roll up. We did bring the big awning in - we learned that lesson the hard way when our first awning blew away in Florida. It is warming up tho - 60 degrees this morning instead of the 40s it has been. I think I'll go back to bed.

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