Thursday, December 09, 2004

Starry Night

In an earlier post, I mentioned how Texas seems bigger than Alaska because Texas is populated thrughout it's area. I need to revise that. There may be roads, but it is NOT populated. You can easily go 100 miles between gas stations. Take a look at some of the roadside scenery we passed thru yesterday: We crossed the Pecos River. The railroad bridge here is the highest bridge in North America and a very historic spot. Then we stopped and visited the museum of Judge Roy Bean, The Law West of the Pecos. Our destination was Fort Davis. At 5,000 feet in the Davis mountains of West Texas, it is the highest town in Texas. The sky was so clear, and there is such a total lack of city lights here that we could see stars and the milky way brilliantly. No wonder there is an observatory up here. Here's our campsite at the Historic Prude Ranch. We're the only ones here.

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