Friday, December 24, 2004

Lazy days at the 'Cabin'

I think I've found the 'commune' I always wanted. In my hippie days in California, reading 'Ecotopia' and various other live-off-the-land-in-communes kind of books, I thought that communal living made a lot of sense. But not completely communal, I am not always in favor of togetherness. I envisioned a community where everyone had their own private place AND there was a communal area where whoever wanted to could get together for meals or entertainment or lounging. Eureka! Take a look: We each have our own private motorhome, and the building (called the cabin) has a kitchen, dining room, living room, bathroom and storage. No bedrooms in the cabin ... no need. We can eat dinner together, play cards, work on computers, or just 'hang out'. Yes, they even have a Christmas tree! Here we are, all 6 ... err ... I mean 8 of us. The Odie's Roadies Xmas 2004 Commune.

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