Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Still Homeless

We got to visit our motorhome yesterday - but they're still working on it. Hopefully they'll be done today. They're doing something on all four sides ... replacing front bumper from the accident in the Tetons, replacing the wheel wells on both rear sides from the tire blowouts, and patching the fiberglass in the back where we bumped into a concrete wall. These have taken place throughout the 7 months we've been on the road - just decided to take care of them all as long as we're in the shop. I'm getting tired of motels and I want my computer back. As Lynne says, being 'Out-of-shell' is uncomfortable. No Wi-Fi at the motel last night. I'm writing this in the car while we're parked in a Coach Connect area and Jim is inside helping a customer. I'm ready to go home ... the motorhome that is. And Jim says he's ready to hit the road again. So, we're ready to "go home and leave."

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