Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Rhythm of the Road

Yesterday was a nice driving day. I found myself thinking about Jack Kerouac "On the Road", William Least Heat Moon "Blue Highways" and my latest favorite road book by Larry McMurtry simply entitled "Roads". I wonder if any other country is as fascinated with road trips as America. It was instilled in me early on. My parents traveled from Florida to Alaska several times with a 'little side trip' to Guatemala once. Here's one of our rigs on the Alaska Highway. I think this is 1966. The Alaska highway (AlCan) was 1500 miles of dirt road back then. Yesterday's drive was a lot easier! Nice smooth paved road. The hum of the tires is hypnotic and the grand scenery scrolling by tends to take your mind to other worlds. Don't these mountains in the distance look like a painted scenery scroll? Since I wasn't driving I could actually use the time as a type of meditation. We also had to stop at a winery! St. Clair Winery. You may have noticed that we like to stop at wineries! This one had something we've never seen before. Bulk wine. You could bring your own bottle or buy one of their half-gallon jugs and they will fill it up from a tap! Cool. To fill up our 750ml bottle cost $2.50. To buy their jug cost $2 and filling it up cost $6.30. And you could choose dry white, sweet white, dry red or sweet red. You could even ask that they blend 2 parts dry red with 1 part sweet red. Wine by numbers. How civilized. I also bought my first tShirt of this journey. I just couldn't resist. After 250 miles and a little over 4 hours on the road, we pulled into a campground that we found in our Passport America book. They're usually 1/2 price, but apparently this is high season here in Southern Arizona so we had to pay the full price of $20. And, there's no Wi-Fi so we raised our trusty Datastorm dish so we could do all our Internet stuff like posting to this blog. Sometime I'll get out the tripod to take a photo at night. There's a cool blue light on the dish that serves perfectly to guide us home when we take Odie for a walk at night!

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