Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Bienvenidos a Mexico

It's less than 100 miles to the border from where we're staying in Quartzsite, so John and Lynne said we had to visit the border town of Algodones and yesterday was the day! The drive down was pretty spectacular. I'm just fascinated with these desert mountains. Algodones provides a very easy way to visit Mexico because they have a large parking lot on the US side and you just walk across the border into town. Kind of like an amusement park. You're greeted by dozens of hawkers telling you which pharmacia to go to for the best prices in town. There's even street entertainers. But, of course the main attraction is the shopping. I love the brilliant colors. Luckily, since we live in a motorhome, we're not tempted to buy stuff - nowhere to put it, and most of it would break in the first day. So, I satisfy myself with pictures and leave tips when appropriate. Food, however is another story. I love fish tacos. Thanx for a great day Lynne and John!


Anonymous said...

thank you so much for the information and wonderful pictures

Anonymous said...

We LOVE Algodones! We get our dental work done ther,our eyeglasses,and some prescriptionns! Does anyone know if the border crossing has become more difficult with prescription drugs(for which we DO have scripts) since we were there in May? Thanks for the photos1 They really show thwe real Algodones! If you can take the HOT weather.....the summer is the best time to shop. Less tourists therefore better bargains. Beware of jewelry on the street,though. Go into a REAL store! Linda,CA