Thursday, December 23, 2004

Not your average drive to the Vet

Once a year, whether they like it or not, a dog has to get some shots. And, it' s up to us pet owners to take them whether we're anywhere near their vet or not. When we were living in Fort Lauderdale, I took Odie to a Veterinarian that was only a couple blocks from the house. Now we're in Quartzsite, Arizona. There's not even a major grocery store here. Luckily, Lynne has been here a lot and she has taken Ariel to a Vet in Havasu City - 80 miles away. It was a beautiful drive thru desert mountains along the Colorado river and Lake Havasu. Lynne and I had lots of time for conversation - our furry kids got their shots and we picked them up a treat on the way back. All in all a very successful day.

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