Friday, December 03, 2004

Home again with more photos

Yeah! We got our motorhome back yesterday. So I could download and sort thru photos from the last week. Then I'll back them up. I used to be able to put one year's worth of photos on a CD, now I back them up every month and it almost fills a CD! Here's a couple more from Austin: Odie and Juneau got along famously! I love watching them play. And, I figure that Frank Sr. and Carol deserve one classy picture to make up for the 'fish-face' earlier. And, here's me and Frank 'working' at the computer. Geeez, when did I get so old?!?! After leaving Austin, we traveled south to the coast at Rockport. Pretty empty highway all the way. Just a few small towns not much more than wide spots in the road, but look at this gorgeous City Hall: And, here's what we saw of Rockport Odie and I walked around at Rockport 35 RV Park, while Jim helped some folks with the Wi-Fi. Staying in a motel was a new experience. Odie did just fine. Lots of motels allow pets now - some of them charge an extra fee. I think we paid $10 extra for Odie this night - plus $60 for the room - geez, we sure are spoiled with our motorhome and typical Passport America RV park fees of $10 total! We brought Odie's old bed with us and he just curled right up. Next stop was Seabreeze RV Park. I felt like I was in the Florida keys. Except, that city in the distance is not Miami or Key West, it' s Corpus Christi. Then our last stop was at Gulf Waters out on Padre Island. Nice place, just walk over a boardwalk and you're at the beach. Kinda reminded me of North Carolina's outer banks.

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