Wednesday, October 20, 2004

300 Mile Day

We really needed to make up for some lost time, so we got an early start (8:30am) and planned a long day on the road. Highway 40 all the way from Flagstaff to Albuquerque was our plan. Then I looked at the map, "Oh Look!, we're passing right by the Meteor Crater". Well, how can we pass that up. The Meteor Crater by Winslow Arizona is where one of my favorite movies was filmed ... 'Starman' with Jeff Bridges. Here is the road to the crater. That ridge you see in the distance is not a ridge at all, but the 'lip' of the crater. And, here's the meteor crater. We got back on the road after about an hour detour here determined to drive. Then I looked at the map and saw we were passing right by The Petrified Forest National Park. Well! How can we pass that up? They look just like logs until you get up close: And the drive thru the park was pretty other-worldly and beautiful. These formations are called 'Teepees'. When we finally got back on highway 40 we drove straight thru into New Mexico. We were still 50 miles from Alburquerque and it was starting to get dark when we saw a sign for "Dancing Eagle Casino and RV Park" for $10/night. Hey! How can we pass that up? The wind finally died down, the sky is crystal clear and we had a gorgeous sunset. Life is Good! We still logged almost 300 miles, and it will be an easy drive to Santa Fe for our next stop. We will be doing our Wi-Fi support at 2 Coach Connect parks there: Trailer Ranch and Santa Fe Skies. We'll also get to visit another 'Jim Guld'. Jim's cousin lives in Santa Fe.

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