Friday, October 22, 2004

Trailer Ranch in Santa Fe

A lot of RV Parks are small, family-owned operations, giving them very distinct, and friendly personalities. Trailer Ranch is a great example of this. You just don't get any nicer than Sandy and Truman, the owners. They love to show off Santa Fe. They even took us out to dinner at a delicious Mexican restaurant called Mucho Gusto! Yum! Do we have a great job or what? Here's Jim giving our Wi-Fi seminar to the staff. If you look real close you may see the bowl of popcorn that Truman cooked up for the ocassion. The place really fits in with the ambiance of the area. Here's the adobe buiding that serves as the office and the owners' home. And here's our site. If this looks like a crisp, fall day, you're right. There's snow in the mountains surrounding Santa Fe. It's just perfectly refreshing here. We're only scheduled to be here a couple days. We may have to come back sometime.

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