Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Greetings from Roswell, New Mexico

Even the streetlamps are built to look like aliens!! The road to Roswell is like a lunar landscape. Very barren, wide open spaces. We actually saw a lot of antelope, but didn't get any photos. We ARE beginning to beleive that alien forces are at work here in Roswell. Two things have happened that make us very unhappy. First ... we gave Roswell General Delivery as our mail address for our absentee ballots. We know that they were mailed on October 14. We went to the post office yesterday, October 26, and they still weren't here. We will stay till tomorrow and check again - then we have to give up. I'm normally not a paranoid personality type. But there's something about this election that makes me wonder. We will be SO disappointed if we can't cast our vote this year. Also, our satellite dish is unable to connect to the Internet here. We have Internet because there is an unknown Wi-Fi signal. Whaddaya think? Some kind of alien force field at work? The shops around here are sure trippy. I do actually believe that extra-terrestrials have visited earth, probably several times. But, the shops and exhibits around here are simply Fun. Would you believe we found an 'Alien Scuba Diver' t-shirt? Lynne and John - this one's for you! Did you know that there are several wineries in New Mexico? Guess what we found? Wine-tasting. Tonight there is a Lunar Eclipse. More on that later.

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