Tuesday, October 19, 2004

RV Service

When we lived in a house, it seemed like anything that needed to be done to the house turned out to cost about $2,000. That's a HMU (house maintenance unit). We were happy to discover that an RMU (RV maintenance unit) was about half that at $1,000. New awning = $1,000, electrical system repair = $1,000. Well, we broke the record today - our new brakes and a couple minor items came to $1,400. That's an RMU and a half! Well, hey, you don't undertake an adventure like this without some cushion. Although we're sad to see the cushion depleted, we're also very happy to have good brakes! Oh yeah, the other 'minor' item was our furnace. Boy are we happy to have that working! It is f*ng freezing here. Weather.com says it 'feels' like 36 degrees. I'd put that at 36 BELOW!! We spent all day at the service place. I finished the book I was reading and still had time to wait. We certainly didn't want to head out on the highway at dark, and it seemed like adding insult to injury to spend $30 for an RV park just to have a place to sleep. So, we're parked in the parking lot at the mall right next to the RV service place. This is what is SO great about living in an RV. Once you're inside, have the generator and the furnace going, have the blinds closed. It DOESN'T MATTER where you are! You're home. And, we're happy. We watched a great video last night. A vintage movie with Lucille Ball and Dezi Arnez called "The Long Long Trailer". It was a riot. Depicting both the inspiring romanticism and the painful reality of 'trailer' life. We had both today.

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Anonymous said...

I loved that movie...where can I get a hold of that movie...since u obviously watched it?