Monday, October 04, 2004

Visit with Lanz

Lanz and Blake had some computer work they wanted done, so we used that as a good excuse to go visit for a few hours. They live in a house that would not be possible in Florida. It's built into a hill. At street level, all you see is the garage door, and a stairway going down. The house is the next 3 levels. Here is a view from the bottom looking up. This means LOTS of stairs - we got our excercise setting up their network between the first and third levels! It also means great views. Here's the living room. You can't see it thru the fog and haze, but they're looking out over Oakland and San Francisco Bay. Oh yea, here's Lanz and Blake! We had great conversations. The kind that are only possible with people you've known a LONG time - over 35 years for me and Lanz. Now we're headed south towards Monterey to visit another old friend Arynne. Time to stow and go.


Sat Prem Kaur said...

Hi Chris,

Can I get the contact information for Blake and Lanz? I renewed their acquaintance at the Flagger Weekend in Dallas, but I didn't get their contact info.

You can tell them Amy the flagger/fanner is trying to contact them.

Chris Guld said...

Hello Amy,
I need your contact info ... you can send me email by using the link at top left.