Sunday, October 24, 2004

Santa Fe

We took a few hours and went in to Santa Fe's downtown. It is so different looking from any other city. Apparently there are lots of rules and regulations about what kind of buildings can be constructed in Santa Fe - so everything has that old, adobe, southwest look and feel. Even the parking garage! Here is a church downtown. This town dates back to 1610 ... that is really old for anything in this country. Read about some Santa Fe History here. Here's more adobe And the downtown shopping area: Luckily, when you live in a motorhome, you're not tempted to buy any of the beautiful (expensive) things. First of all there's no room, and second of all, this stuff would break in a matter of days. Now this bronze sculpture I really did like though. Can't we put him on the roof honey? Or maybe as a hood ornament? And, we even got to see a little bit of fall colors here! The air is literally crystal clear and sparkling - and the blue sky sets off the red and gold tree colors.

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