Friday, October 15, 2004

Desert Oasis

This is really a pretty little place. Twin Lakes RV Park. Sounds like something that should be in the mountains rather than in the middle of the desert. I think I would call this a 'pond', but it's the thought that counts. Since it's a Passport America park, it only costs us $13/night rather than the normal $25. Odie likes to run in the desert almost as much as on the beach! We've studied the map some more and I don't think we'll make it to Grand Canyon today - 360 miles. With car travel that is a reasonable distance - I remember 5 and 600 mile days. But, in the RV lifestyle, that's just too much. We'll probably make it to somewhere around Kingman tonight - 200 miles. p.s. if you read about our Dunes adventure the other day, you may want to scroll back to the 'Columbus Day Discoveries' entry and read Liz's 'addendum' - I added a link at the bottom of the entry. "Never lost, just confused!"

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