Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Columbus Day Discoveries

We discovered the cache! We followed a map more than we did the GPS and got to the point that MUST be where it is. I looked around a bit until my eyes hit a different colored rock .. that was it! Here are the proud GeoCachers!! And, Jim 'discovered' how to properly enter settings and coordinates into his GPS! Next on the agenda was a sunset picnic at Oso Flaco Lake in the Dunes (a great website, check out the '12 minute presentation' and the 'Virtual Tour', you'll see Liz's name in the credits). I mentioned that I'd love to be at the dunes at sunset, and Liz said she'd like us to go to the Dunes where she worked for several years. We would take a picnic dinner, a bottle of wine, and then ... Liz knows a circular route that takes us out to the beach and around in the dunes to return to where the car is ... she's done it so many times ... even in the dark. C'mon it'll be fun! We started with an easy walk on this amazing boardwalk across Oso Flaco Lake. The sun was low and the fog was partly lifted. The chatter of the birds was the only sound we heard. This is near where Liz and Stan first met while birdwatching. Here they are 14 years later. Then we had rotisserie chicken from Von's that Liz declared was delicious! I think she'll say that about anything she doesn't have to cook! And we drank our wine from the bottle since *some*body forgot the glasses. This was the perfect preparation for the evening to come. We packed up any leftovers and gave them to Stan, who walked back out the 3/4 mile on the boardwalk and drove home. Smart man. Jim and I followed Liz out to the beach then south. We watched the final light from sunset and listened to the roar of the surf. We had the place completely to ourselves, it felt like some kind of spiritual quest. After walking south a ways, we turned inland. We had to take off our shoes to wade across the stream that comes out of Oso Flaco Lake. It was cool and refreshing. The evening was cool, but not cold, and we were very lucky to have no wind. Then we started climbing sand as it got dark. Liz said we would become 'duneites' if we ran down the side of a dune screaming and we obliged. Here's the last photo I was able to take: After scrambling up and over a couple dunes we took a rest and gazed at the stars which were quite brilliant on this moonless night. It was a beautiful moment. Especially compared to the next moment when Liz decided to reconnoiter our position, and 'discovered' that things had changed since last she was there. She wasn't sure if the path thru the thicket was just over the next dune, or two more. We tried not to remind her that she had said, "I know these dunes like the back of my hand." gee, where did that freckle come? Translation: we were lost. Hey! We love adventures - they make for the best memories. We had no problem going back the way we came. Back over dunes to the ocean, north on the beach to the main path inland, to the boardwalk, thru the tree covered path back to the parking area. Only to be met by 2 big growling dogs! This was new. They seemed to be guarding a truck that was on the south side of the parking lot, so we quietly walked around the outside edge to the north and they let us pass. We got in the car a little tired but no worse for wear. All the way home, I was trying to compose this weblog entry, wishing I had that storytelling gift for embellishing the facts. This could be really good. I'm going to keep thinking about it ... and maybe I'll repost it someday. Meanwhile, thanx for the memory Lizzie!! (See Liz's 'addendum' here)

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