Wednesday, October 13, 2004


I could stay in San Luis Obispo (SLO) for at least another week, maybe a month. Hell, I could live here! What a perfect place. Lots of open space, mountains, valleys, ocean. There can't possibly be anywhere in the world with better weather. They get enough rain in the winter time that it's not a desert, but it's sunny all summer. The coastal fog keeps it a little cool, but SLO is far enough inland that the fog isn't actually here. It's been in the 60s at night, 70s and 80s during the day. It's a small city (250,000) but big enough to have everything you need. And, I almost forgot ... we fit right in with our Kerry sticker on the car. I'd say the ratio is about 9 to 1, Kerry to Bush signs. There's just one big problem, a 2 bedroom fixer-upper on the edge of town will set you back $350,000. I did see where you could buy a park model (a nice spot in a trailer park) for $219,000. Gas is $2.40/gallon. But, groceries are good! They have Trader Joe's here! As Stan explains it, their business model is to take high end foods and sell them at reasonable prices. For example, '2 Buck Chuck's' is a bottle of wine for 2 dollars! A 1 pound bag of frozen medium sized shrimp is $5. Jim is there stocking up right now! The initials SLO can sure be humorous. Liz' Internet is provided by SLONet and the public buses are 'SLO transit'. Well, life is a little laid back here I guess. We are getting ready to go now. We've promised to be in south Texas by end of next week. Coach Connect has some new Wi-Fi hot spots coming online and we want to be there to offer the training. And, we'll get to visit the rest of the gang because they're headquartered in Austin. THANK YOU to Liz and Stan for your hospitality! We WILL be back. Bye for now.


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Be careful when you get to Texas with that Kerry sticker on your RV. You'll probably get a few hard looks and obscene gestures. Kerry/Edwards supporters like us are few and very far between here. For survival my plan is to just lay low and vote early and often.