Sunday, October 24, 2004

Santa Fe Skies

Is this place aptly named or what? The Santa Fe Skies RV park is up on a hill and you can see 360 degrees all around to the town of Santa Fe and the surrounding mountains. And here's the office ... adobe style of course! We gave our Wi-Fi seminar here this afternoon. This is definitely the most high-tech presentation room we've had the opportunity to use. I've seen big business computer training centers that don't have this equipment! They have a huge automatic screen that comes down from the ceiling and a projector mounted on the ceiling with connectors for your computer or VCR. Apparently, this comes in very handy when they host rallies of 40 - 50 motorhomes. They have their meetings and presentations in here. They also have movie night once a week! Cool. Odie and I also found a great trail that goes around the perimeter of the park. Very nice ... even a little exercise.

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