Thursday, October 07, 2004

Highway 101

So, we left Monterey Bay and headed south to San Luis Obispo. You can tell you're in Castroville when you see monuments to the Artichoke! It IS the artichoke capital of the world, and they're not kidding! Artichoke fields as far as the eye can see. We got on to highway 101 at Salinas. We saw a shopping center with lots of open parking lot space and decided it was time to check our email. There is something just SO satisfying about pulling off the road, parking, and being home! We raised the satellite dish and within minutes we had Internet and could go to work. We put a chicken in the convection/oven/broiler and had some lunch. I even took a little nap. Then we got back on our way down a road that I have traveled many, many times. To me, Highway 101 is the definition of highway. It's all relatively flat, traveling a valley in between two mountain ranges. That is, until just before San Luis Obispo. There you go down a steep grade which presents you with quite a view. And, here we are. Parked in front of Liz's house in San Luis Obispo. It's pretty level and our power cord reaches into her garage. Hey Liz! I think we'll stay here for a couple months! ..... just kidding. Here's Liz in her kitchen which she says is too small to do any serious cooking! Can you tell what she thinks about our kitchen? Stan decides to see how it feels in the driver's seat. He says he's not interested in the RV lifestyle, but I think he looks pretty comfortable, don't you? And here we are all enjoying one of Liz's gourmet dinners. I always learn something when I watch Liz cook. For a salad, she cuts the lettuce with scissors, and sprays on the vinegar. Dessert was apricot sorbet. She made it herself in an ice cream maker. Here's the ingredients: apricots (blended and frozen) Yummy.

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