Monday, October 18, 2004

The Grand Canyon

I did a raft trip down the Grand Canyon many years ago (circa 1988). As one of our group kept saying then, "They've got a serious erosion problem here." If you want to see some great photos of rafting in the Grand Canyon, check out another RVers weblog here. It really is serious erosion! The land all around is just flat, high plains. 7,000 feet high - cold, and windy! Then, all of a sudden: We arrived in the afternoon. The RV park campground was full, so we got a spot in the other campground with no hookups. It was a nice site, and it didn't bother us to not have electricity because we planned to spend most of our time out walking the rim anyway. Since we arrived in the afternoon, we figured on going to the rim trail and hanging out till sunset. They have these great benches every so often on the Rim trail. We brought a bottle of wine to enjoy while watching the sun get lower on this majestic sight. Some people walking by said, "what a great idea" and then insisted on taking our picture! It got WAY too cold and we left before full sunset. Here's what we saw on our way back to camp. Then we got up the next morning to see the western end of the canyon. ... more later - gotta get going - we had some brake trouble yesterday and want to get into service ASAP.

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