Sunday, October 03, 2004

Home at Sugar Barge

We really like this RV Park. Sugar Barge is out of the way in the Sacramento Delta, yet it's only an hour to the Bay Area. Here's our spot: Lots of people come here to go boating and fishing. We're here, of course, to support the Wi-Fi system. Our neighbors told us that they were unable to get connected, so Jim took a look at their computer. Here he is and, yes indeed, he was unable to get a signal. He picked up the computer and turned around and, voila! he was connected. Sometimes it's just that simple. Jim recommended they get an external (USB) Wi-Fi adapter because they have a little more power and you can move just the adapter around rather than the whole computer. These folks just sold their house and are still working regular jobs in the area so Internet was pretty important to them. They love the Wi-Fi and Jim was a real hero. Odie wanted to make sure I told everyone that he's doing great. He had so many emails sending him well-wishes! I took his stitches out this week, and I'd say he's 100%. What do you think?

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