Saturday, October 09, 2004


It's so cool traveling in a motorhome and being able to spend time parked at a friend's home. We get to be neighbors for a while. Liz yells out the window 'breakfast is ready' and we trot in to her house in our bathrobes. Anyone else would put a box of cereal on the table and tell you where the bowls are. Not Lizzy! She's made scones from scratch and set the table with fresh flowers. And we get to be part of her life for a few days. She works as Development Director for the San Luis Obispo Botanical Gardens. We went to a presentation she gave and found out what that's all about. Pretty cool. They hope to become a world-class attraction, enticing visitors to Hearst Castle to come a little further south. Here's Liz giving her presentation on the land that will become the Botanical Garden. The first thing she says they need is a good name, not just SLO Botanical Gardens. She really likes "The Eden Project" which is in England. Any ideas?? Email me. We're off to see Hearst Castle today!! Oh Boy!

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