Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Monterey Bay

We've been 2 nights without Internet! Aaaaaarrrrgghghhhh. We were in a beautiful State Park with lots of gorgeous trees. What a love/hate relationship I now have with trees! They're gorgeous, but, if they keep me from getting Internet with our Satellite dish - I'm upset! We stayed in New Brighton State Beach. Here's our site. We actually thought that there was plenty of space between the trees in the direction of the satellite. But, we were wrong! We were here to visit another old friend - Arynne. Arynne and I have known each other since 9th grade ... 36 years ago. We stay in touch. She even traveled with us on our France river barge trip in 2001. You can see photos of that trip here. Arynne is an artist - she created the weaving that hangs over our bed. She made it specifically for me. I asked for it to represent my love of the mountains and the sea. Arynne also makes jewelry. You can see her jewelry at her website Ancient Charms. Here she is outside her home in the Aptos hills. And here we are in her very artistic bedroom! The bed is on a kind of loft over the stairway with really cool 'porthole' type windows. You can see the room better in this picture. She took the day off work and we went to Monterey Bay Aquarium. This is in the Cannery Row area of Monterey.
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The kelp bed aquarium was pretty amazing. We also saw the adorable otters but didn't get a very good picture of them. Big news was that they had a great white shark who had been there for 20 days - longer than any had survived in captivity before. She's only 4 months old and is pretty small. See if you can find the spectacular creature in this next photo. It's a Sea Dragon - like a frilly seahorse. They also had a whole wing devoted to jelly fish! It was fascinating. We had a great time exploring, then found a wine tasting room to end our day, then back 'home' to Brighton Beach. Such a beautiful area!

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